About Us

It All Started When...

Sarah was asked to bring in a dessert for a company holiday party. As an event planner, she always looked for ways to wow her customers and that’s when the ideas started to flow. What if a classic chocolate covered pretzel could be as bite sized as a truffle and could be decorated like cupcakes and cookies to convey the occasion. Sarah started to experiment with flavors like cookies and cream and mint chocolate chip, but the assortment grew from there. Friends, family, and coworkers wanted to know how they could place an order for Prexel Bites with custom colors for Sweet 16’s, wedding and bridal shower favors with custom packaging, or holiday themed Prexels for Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. From there the collections grew and Prexel Bites went live!

Our custom chocolate covered pretzels are little squares of goodness, topped with sprinkles, drizzles, treats, and festive edible art. We offer milk and white chocolate as our standards, and dark chocolate upon special requests. Our assortment includes our standard flavors and all seasonal holiday collections as well as our premium custom Prexels for any occasion.

Prexel Bites are created with a lot of love, time, and thoughtfulness. Each Prexel is hand dipped and decorated to create little works of chocolate art. We can’t wait to share our Prexels with all of you!